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Impaired Barrier – Dry Skin2023-01-30T14:46:35+02:00

If your skin is flakey, feels tight, is sensitive or appears red, you may be suffering from an impaired barrier. Dry skin can be as a result of a lack of water retention and excess water escaping. It’s best to look for products which repair the barrier like Squalane and Ceramides as well as ingredients that assist with water retention like Hyaluronic Acid. Used together, each one of these ingredients help restore the skin’s protective barrier and give you that gorgeous, dewy glow. 

SKIN functional’s products are expertly formulated using optimal concentrations™ of effective and trusted ingredients to help you confidently manage your dry skin. 

Read on to find out everything you need to know about dry skin in our blog posts below, and shop our hand-selected range of expertly formulated™ skincare treatments online.

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