Exfoliation involves the removal of old and dead skin cells from the outermost layer and is used to promote healthy looking skin. Skin renewal is a natural process where new skin cells are formed and pushed to the surface of the skin. If the dead cells are not effectively removed, they build up and cause your skin to look dull and have a rough texture. Exfoliation therefore plays an important role in overall skin health.

There are 3 forms of exfoliation: physical, chemical and mechanical. Physical (scrubs) and mechanical (microdermabrasion) forms of exfoliation can be harsh on the skin and may lead to over exfoliation leaving your skin feeling red and sensitive. At SKIN functional we have expertly formulated™ various chemical exfoliators with the use of Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Beta Hydroxy Acids while considering all skin types giving you even exfoliation with no harmful side effects.

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