Frequently Asked Questions

We answer all of your most pressing questions around SKIN functional’s products, ingredients and the driving force behind our brand. 

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SKIN functional is besotted with animals and definitely does not do any animal testing.  An animal testing ban was instituted in 2013. All SKIN functional ingredients are sourced ethically, with no animal testing involved.

Formulations that contain water, contain preservatives. Preservatives are used to prevent microbial product contamination. Products that are formulated with preservatives are formulated with microbiological and toxicological input.

Reference: International Journal of Cosmetic Science, Safety evaluation of preservatives, R. Rodford, Vol 19, pages 281 – 290.

SKIN functional’s products have been formulated with no parabens.

We absolutely share your excitement in getting the products and you are welcome to pop into our offices and shop to either shop or collect your order. Our offices are located in Broadacres Shopping Centre.

We do not use any animal derivatives in our formulations and all the products are vegan friendly.

All our products are fragrance free, we do not use fragrances in any of our products.

SKIN functional does not formulate any products using alcohol.

All products are formulated and manufactured in South Africa. SKIN functional is a proudly South African brand.

SKIN functional is a result of a collaborative effort with a combined experience of 30 years across various fields. Integrating the fields of pharmacology, chemistry, clinical dermatology and aesthetic medicine. The brand is based on peer reviewed literature, which forms the basis of SKIN functional’s endorsement.

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