Barrier Support - Rescue Oil Background Skincare that delivers noticeable results SKIN functional is a range of products expertly formulated using optimal concentrations of effective and trusted ingredients to restore and maintain skin’s ideal functioning. The brand was created to demystify skincare jargon and misinformation to deliver honourable skintelligence. Equipped with skintelligence, you can confidently adapt your skincare program to your ever-changing skin needs. Each product contains ingredients that have earned the right to be there, leaving no room for redundancy. Delivering potent treatments that bring you everything your skin needs with reproducible results. Barrier Support - Rescue Oil Background Barrier Support - Rescue Oil Background Our Products
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Skintelligence Blog – Promoting prolonged skincare all year round

Our skin is among the most crucial and sensitive parts of the body, which reflects your internal and external health.

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SKIN functional uses well researched and proven active ingredients at ideal doses to address common skin concerns to restore skin’s ideal functioning.
Fragrance free
Alcohol free
Cruelty free
Vegan friendly
Lovingly created in South Africa

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