The Ultimate

The Ultimate in Skincare is here

Whilst there is a place for a 9 step skincare routine, there are customers that are overwhelmed by skincare or do not have time for a 9 step routine or don’t have the budget for a lengthy routine and it is for these reasons that SKIN functional after two years of development has launched the Ultimate range. The naming of this range was really important for us as it was the inspiration behind how the range was formulated. The concept behind this range is that if you choose to simplify your routine we offer a comprehensive solution that doesn’t compromise on reproducible results™. We have stayed true to our mantra of optimal concentrations™ and have formulated two key products per common skin indication using multiple key ingredients at optimal concentrations™ per product. Each product is formulated to deliver high concentrations of multiple ingredients. The result, a potent, effective range tailored for your skin concern and skin type.

The range was formulated per skin indication and skin type to simplify the shopping experience for the customer as it can be very overwhelming navigating skincare jargon.

Ultimate is for the customer that believes their skin deserves the best and for the customer who wants to extract the most from skincare.

SKIN functional brings a range that is

Ultimately different Ultimately a fan favourite Ultimately a crowd pleaser Ultimately you