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Is your skin prone to those bothersome little brown spots or patches on your face, also known as hyperpigmentation? This skin condition is as a result of overactive melanocytes (the cell that produces pigmentation) and it is usually in the form of dark mottled spots, sun spots, or age spots. The spots are caused by the usual suspects – too much sun, hormones (birth control and pregnancy), and ageing. Hormonal pigmentation can be dermal or epidermal pigmentation, and sadly dermal pigmentation lives in the deep layers of the skin where product penetration is not possible. The truth is that pigmentation takes patience, persistence and perseverance as well as sunscreen, and even with all these factors in play, in some cases the pigmentation doesn’t lighten. This is indicative of dermal pigmentation. Skincare products are able to help manage epidermal pigmentation with key ingredients such as Retinoids, Exfoliators, L-Ascorbic Acid, and pigmentation inhibitors such as Alpha Arbutin and Sunscreen.

Avoiding long hot baths and very hot showers as well as steam rooms, direct sun exposure and humid locations all help to prevent pigmentation from flaring. 

SKIN functional’s products are expertly formulated using optimal concentrations of effective and trusted ingredients to help you confidently manage your hyperpigmentation SKIN concern.

Learn more about hyperpigmentation in our blog posts below, and shop our hand-selected range of expertly formulated skincare treatments online.

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