By Kevin Khosa, Customer Service Manager at SKIN functional 

Today, being on trend and digital savvy can make or break your business. Being leader’s in skincare, SKIN functional prides itself in always being a beat ahead on social media and in touch with their consumers. Knowing the impact trends can have on a business, especially a beauty business – with the world of beauty guru’s being one of the biggest lucrative markets, the brand has some insightful trends that people actually care about. 

I love my customers and sometimes they teach me few things about the trends in the industry. Here are a few that we follow as well as how we incorporate this into the business:

  1. The talk about those gorgeous ceramides and essential fatty acids. We speak about our 2% Ceramide + GABA and the skin intelligence behind these trends is something you will find in abundance on our social media pages, not only that but it is essential in any skincare vanity. In short, Ceramides are fats or lipids that are found in skin cells. They make up 30 to 40 percent of your outer skin layer, or epidermis. Ceramides are important for retaining your skin’s moisture and preventing the entry of germs into your body. 
  2. Skin cell energy is a phrase coined to shed light on leveraging the skin cell for skin turnover. Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is a vital source of energy for these metabolic activities of skin cells. It is required for proliferation as a result of mitogenic stimuli, collagen synthesis, and DNA repair. It supports functions that maintain skin turnover and the extracellular matrix. Easily found in our Daily Moisturiser with 5% Black Ginseng + ATP Complex. 
  3. Results driven and ingredient focused. Now more than ever we see the skincare industry and its customers really zone in on ingredients in skincare products and its benefits. We have always believed that products need to have noticeable results – otherwise what’s the point. 
  4. You might have heard the buzz around ‘Science driven skincare’ but do we know what this means? In a nutshell, science driven skincare is extensively researched, tested and approved scientific skincare that has the backing of science. Our product names speak for themselves and each product contains ingredients that have earned the right to be there, leaving no room for redundancy. Delivering potent treatments that bring you everything your skin needs with reproducible results™. Science = expert formulations backed by published clinical data as the foundation of each product.
  5. Skin health – a trend we believe should be around forever. Skin health is not about having perfect skin,its about healthy skin. The only way to achieve this is through using expertly formulated™ products that use optimal concentrations™ of effective and trusted ingredients to restore and maintain skin’s ideal functioning. This also ties into skincare transparency and brands being a lot more transparent about their formulations. 
  6. Skin care programs. We are proud to be the first brand globally to offer personalised skincare programs for every single customer and every single order.

Skin is not just skincare, its confidence, its our masterpiece, its who we are and having brands that stand behind ethical skincare, transparent formulations and who align themselves to trends that people care about – is what gets us recognition and trust from our customers.