Relax, exhale, reset. This is your Valentine’s month reminder to water your soil first before you water others. Turnover a new leaf and make yourself a priority this year. Self-care isn’t just a skincare routine, or hitting your water intake goals for the day – its mindfulness, its time and most importantly its loving yourself.

SKIN functional is a local skincare brand that is serious about cultivating a new generation of skincare where people learn to understand their skin and most importantly nourish their bodies and mind to promote healthy skin – knowing that imperfect skin is perfect.

February, as cliché as it is, is the month of love. Sentimental for many or a rare excuse for romance for others, but for Kevin Khosa, Customer Service Manager at SKIN functional – it’s all about Intentionally engaging in self-love habits that may help you build a stronger relationship with yourself and contribute to greater self-esteem and confidence #fallinlovewithyou

Here are five top self-love habits Khosa offers to his customers and wants to share with everyone that help build the idea of holistic skincare and intentional practices. Your skin is a representation of your internal body, if you’re looking after yourself, good skin is a natural result.

    1. Mindfulness – take time to work on your mind and clear it of clutter. The same way you clean your house when it gets dirty is the same way you should clean your mind. Be conscious about your thoughts. Think about your goals, your dreams and aspirations and maybe even how you would like to spoil someone special in your life – remove the negativity.
    2. Gratitude – taking a moment to look around you every once in a while and being grateful for what you have and who you have, knowing that there are people out there that would love to have what you have.
    3. Putting pen to paper – whether it is writing down your to-do tasks for the day, journaling your thoughts, writing down affirmations or even embracing your creative and artistic side. Doing this makes it that much more special and tangible for you to achieve, hold and touch.
    4. Nature – take time to breathe. Yes, we said breathe. Don’t feel pressurised to always be doing something when you are outdoors. It is okay to just be outside and take a few deep breaths, while you’re alone or maybe with some furry friends and zone out for 5-10 minutes.
    5. Lastly – do more of what you love. Decide what really makes you happy, what gives you that fast heartbeat, that skip in your step, that rollercoaster feeling in your abdomen and do more of that. Too often we don’t make time for the small things because we are always so ‘busy’ or ‘hectic’ or ‘have plans’. If we stop telling ourselves we are busy and manage our time better we will find the time to go to that pottery class with a friend, book that holiday to a new country, see that family member we haven’t seen in ages or even just watch a good movie or series.

“Remember that healthy skin comes from within. Your diet, your mental health, your physical health and your environment all plays a part in the appearance of your skin. This month #fallinlovewithyou again, thank your body and make the positive changes you know will aid you in the long run,” concluded Khosa.

9 feb 1

9 feb 1